Fluffy Town
Tiny pones

Tiny pones

More horsies.

My terribad dollar store commissions I did during the stream on 8-13-14 using a style and technique I came up with 10 minutes before I started, in a program I don’t normally draw in.

Except the top one with bug poni.
That was the very first thing I drew that night. <3

But for real real. To any of you who commissioned one of these, donated, or even just stayed to provide some kind words, it seriously means a lot. <3
Especially for my crappy freehand art. :v

Horse doodles.
I think it&#8217;s like a new style or something.

Horse doodles.

I think it’s like a new style or something.

Do you plan on going to Bronycon again this year? If so, what would your eye be looking for there?

Anything Chrysalis related.
Should be obvious by now.


I have wondered this for a long time, but is there like an age gap between Fluffle and Chysalis? Or are they the same age or something O.o

Dunno. I doubt Chrysalis would ever admit her age. And Fluffle doesn’t exactly talk or pay attention to serious questions. So who knows.

But I like to think they might have crossed paths once or twice before they met in Ponyville.

I remember the concept of fluffy ponies being a thing, but that idea died out a long time ago, and Fluffle Puff seems to be the only fluffy pony I can find. In the canon of askflufflepuff, is Fluffle the last of her pony subspecies, is her fluffiness just a gene defect. or is it something else entirely?

As everyone else says: Fluffle Puff is not a “fluffy pony” and isn’t related to them in any way but rather she is just a pony who is fluffy.

Other than that, I have no idea.
She’s an earth pony that came from somewhere. That’s about all I know.
And since she doesn’t exactly pay attention enough to answer serious questions, I don’t see that getting answered anytime soon.

Alternate outfits from Fluffle Puff Tales: &#8220;EG Part 2&#8221;
Completely forgot to post them.You people need to remind me about things more.

Alternate outfits from Fluffle Puff Tales: “EG Part 2”

Completely forgot to post them.
You people need to remind me about things more.

Found another meme.

Found another meme.